Our non-w***y process (specially made for non-w***y clients)

The thing with common sense, it’s not that common

Having a process makes sense. It adds structure to the chaos – which, let’s face it, there can be a lot of in business. But creative agencies do have a tendency to play dress up, with creative process often getting the full Dame Edna lippy and high heels treatment.

If you’ve been to our website (if you haven’t, shame on you), you ‘ll see the immortal words, ‘No daft 4-step process here. Just common sense, from a decent bunch who know what they’re doing – and do it properly’.

I reckon that’s something to be proud of – not over-egging the egg sarnie. Just finding the simplest way to get the most effective results.

Here’s our process:

– Brief sorted
– Deliverables confirmed
– Flat fee agreed
– Open dialog
– Regular reviews
– Promises kept
– Deadlines hit
– Expectations smashed
– One point of contact
– Easy-peasy-squeezy-cheesy.

And here’s what each step means to you, you lovely non-w**y human being, you.

Brief sorted: We won’t write a single creative word or scribble a single creative shape until we know exactly what we’re trying to achieve. This gives us the space to pull your brief apart, put forward our strategic opinions and debate the details. That way, there’s no false starts or wasted budget.

Deliverables confirmed: Absolute clarity on what you are expecting to see. No room for Chinese whispers, Welsh mutterings or Hindustani rhubarb. It saves time, tears and tear-ups.

Flat fee agreed: If we know exactly what we’re doing, we know exactly how to cost it and you know exactly what the bill will be. The only thing that can queer the pitch is if you change the brief part way through. But you wouldn’t do that, ‘cos you’re not like that.

Open dialog: We create a forum where we can all say what we mean. Ditch all that ‘us lot’ and ‘you lot’ nonsense, it doesn’t work. Everything we do is for your benefit. That includes listening to what you want. In turn, we expect you to speak your mind and be open to our opinions. Otherwise, you may as well do it all yourself.

Regular reviews: The only surprises we’re interested in are nice surprises. We’ll keep you up to date with how everything’s progressing. We’ll have regular check-ins, to make sure everything stays on track and you’re part of the process. It means we’ll need a bit more of your time, but believe us, it’s worth it.

Promises kept: It should be taken for granted. But some agencies are hardwired to take the p**s out of their clients (and vice versa). That is not the dollop way. If we say it, we mean it and if we say we’ll do it, we’ll do it. If you’re happy to abide by the same code, we’d love to work with you.

Deadlines hit: Again, this ought to be a given. Once we’ve agreed a deadline, we’ll do whatever we possibly can to meet it. Of course, things happen. Lumps of blue ice land on heads, people get abducted by aliens and leaves end up on the line. If there are unavoidable (and they really do have to be unavoidable) delays, we’ll be dead straight with you and work out the best possible plan B.

Expectations smashed: Just because we have a watertight brief doesn’t mean you won’t be gobsmacked by the ideas we present. We’ll aim to hit that brief, then push it a bit further (and if appropriate, a lot further). Orson Wells summed it up beautifully – “Don’t give them what they want. Give them what they never dreamed was possible.”

One point of contact: There may be half a dozen people beavering away on your project, but you’ll only ever have to deal with one of the chief ‘dollopers’. Saves time, hassle and crossed-wires.

Easy-peasy-squeezy-cheesy: Besides great branding, marketing, SEO and whatnot, you get an easy life. Total flexibility in the team (assembled from a pool of topnotch-ety freelance talent on your behalf), without running round in circles, trying to hold it all together. ‘A lot like a design agency, but kinda, sorta not really.’

Our process may not sound very fancy, but it works. And we’re sticking with it.

Like the sound of the simple life? Give us a bell on: 01273 458568 or drop us a line at: hello@dollopcreative.co.uk and we’ll smooth the way to creative Nirvana for you.