How to be a better client (every day, in every way…)

Simply the best, better than all the rest

a) Hands up who thinks they should work as a team with their design agency.

b) Now hands up who thinks their agency is either a glorified supplier who does as they’re told, or an infallible oracle that tells you what you need to do.

If you put your hand up for a), go and stand at the front of the dinner queue.

If you put your hand up for b), go and stand in the corner and think about what you’ve done.

One gang against the world

There’s 1073.5 ways to deal with your agency. But really, there’s only one deal that’s the real deal. And that’s you lot + us lot working as one lot.

If we’re going to get in the kitchen together, we need to get some basics right, so no one gets burnt.

What you can expect from dollop

– Hard graft
– Humanity
– Happiness
– Honesty– Heart
– Heroics– Humility
– Hobnobs
– Hedgehogs (only jokin’)

Basically, we’re a good bunch of honest-to-goodness creative and tech types who believe in doing brilliant work for a fair fee. We won’t pull the wool over your eyes or the polyester over your private parts.

We’re in it just as much for you as we are for dollop. And that’s the way, aha, aha, we like it.

So what do we expect from you?

Don’t get us wrong. We’re (fairly) sure you’re a thoroughly good egg. Maybe even a double-yolker. But let’s be honest, not every client is.

If you find yourself nodding away to the next bit, good on ya. If you end up shaking your head in shame, good news, we’re all on the same trajectory of positive, holistic self-development along the road to bliss and enlightenment. Anyway…

Getting on the good client list:

Briefing: Good clients take their time to think the brief through. They never say things like, “I don’t know what I want, but I’ll know it when I see it”. They get that everything starts and ends with the brief. But, they’re open-minded and happy to have their brief challenged.

Timing: Good clients understand that great work takes time. They don’t sit on briefs for weeks then panic-vomit them out over the agency’s boardroom table. They allow room for creative exploration and rounds of changes. They also come back with timely feedback to help keep the show on the road.

Communication: Good clients aren’t afraid to share their opinions. But, they are also respectful and constructive. “It’s a mile-high pile of skunk stools, do it again”, is not in their vocabulary. They know that this is a communication business and communication begins at home.

Knowledge: You know a damned sight more about your business than we do. If you’re a good client, you’ll tell us everything. Your history, your triumphs and your cock-ups. Tell us about the nitty-grittiest details of your nutty-bolty peculiarities. Annual reports, factory visits, the CEO’s shoe size… we want it all. There’s gold in them there trifles.

Truth: Without it, everything crumbles into the sea to be eaten by plankton. Be honest about your budgets, your deadlines and your feedback. Life’s so much easier when we ditch the porkies.

Fees: Be a good client and pay those invoices on time. Can’t think of any more words for this bit.

Good clients get involved. They’re interested in the creative process. They’re encouraging and positive and approachable – everything they want their creative agency to be. They think all of the good stuff above is important. Not just going through the motions, but doing a great job ­– together.

Are you one of the good guys or gals? Give us a bell on: 01273 458568 or drop us a line at: – it’ll be a blast.

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